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L 201 for International Students


Note that 201 proficiency constitutes only a portion of the Language/Culture component of the GFR requirements (for students who entered prior to Summer 2007). See the UMBC catalog general education requirement appendices for more detailed information:

1.  Students at UMBC cannot receive academic credit simply for speaking their native (or a second) language, and knowing a second language is not sufficient in itself to satisfy the 201-level proficiency requirement. Students can receive a waiver for the GEP language requirement or the language component of the GDR, GER, or GFR by a) demonstrating education in a second language or b) through examination. See details below.

2. International students and U.S. resident students proficient in a language other than English may receive equivalency for the 201-level proficiency requirement provided that they present documentation showing that 1) they attended a secondary school (i.e., sixth grade or above) in which the language of instruction was not English, or 2) they attended an English-speaking secondary school or a comprehensive program accredited by a foreign government and have at least one year of education in their first language at that level. (After-school and weekend programs in the United States do not satisfy this requirement.) Students who study a second language abroad (for example, a native speaker of Yoruba who is requesting 201-level equivalency in German based on secondary school courses) are subject to the same requirements as students coming from American high schools. (See Appendix IV and Appendix V of the Undergraduate Catalog: ).

3. Students who wish to apply for 201-level equivalency must submit an Application for 201 proficiency form to the Department of Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication in Sherman Hall B-Wing, Room 146. This application must be accompanied by 1) a UMBC transcript (an unofficial transcript printed out from myUMBC is sufficient) and 2) a transcript from the secondary school or university where the student studied abroad, attesting to formal study as described above in the language in which he/she is claiming proficiency. Depending on the language of the transcript, students may be asked to furnish a certified translation. Further information may be obtained in the MLLI Office.

4.  Students proficient in a language other than English may receive equivalency for the 201-level proficiency requirement by documenting the satisfactory completion of one of the following directed-study courses at the University of Maryland, College Park: FOLA 148P (Foreign Language III), FOLA 149P (Foreign Language IV), or FOLA 159P (intensive Foreign Language III and IV).

5.  Students proficient in French, German, or Spanish may receive equivalency for the 201 proficiency requirement upon presentation of proof of the successful completion of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam at Level II in one of these languages. See Appendix II of the Undergraduate Catalog:

6.  Students proficient in a language other than English may receive equivalency for the 201-level proficiency requirement by receiving at least 12 points on The New York University Foreign Language Proficiency Examination. Students must make arrangements independently to take this exam; the MLLI department does not administer it. To find out which languages are included and for further information, contact the Center for Languages and Translation at The School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York University, 10 Astor Place, Suite 505, New York, NY 10003, phone: 212-998-7030. For further information, see (or click on “proficiency testing”).