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MLLI students presenting at URCAD 2021!

Monday, April 19 through Sunday, April 25

April 20, 2021 12:08 PM

URCAD 2021 is already here. Like last year, it will be online. Thirteen, yes, thirteen!!! MLLI students will presenting their work. Congratulations to Monica Argueta, Zoe Butler, David Collier, Michael Duong, Donia Galarowicz, Halle Gordon, Jane Ann Conley, Matthew Kelbaugh, James Lefkowitz, Harini Narayan, Kevin Nguyen, Maila Raphael, and Matthew Snider. You are a model to follow!

To see and hear their research on topics such as directive speech acts of Korean women on mother and daughter-in-law interactions, the role of convents in medieval German society, the legacy of Vladimir Lenin in contemporary education, bilingual speakers’ perception and attitudes towards Spanish varieties, or learning about a tale of survival, resilience, and uncertainty of the Kurds of Turkey...and more!  Please see the full list below, or go to the main URCAD ThreadBox collection in VoiceThread and select the MLLI department ThreadBox collection to browse. You can also look up the presenters by name

Starting Monday, April 19, and continuing through Sunday, April 25, we will be able to view their presentations. Let’s not forget to interact with the presenters, making comments and asking them good questions that make all of us think! 

Monica Argueta  A Continued Look at Bilingual Speakers’ Perception and Attitudes Towards Spanish Varieties.  Mentor: David Beard 

Zoe Butler Language in the Workplace: An Analysis of Korean Honorific Use in Requests and Refusals. Mentor: Kyung-Eun Yoon 

David Collier Self Discovery vs Language Acquisition: A Comparison of German vs. U.S. Undergraduate Education Experiences. Mentors: Susanne Sutton and Brian Souders (Center for Global Engagement)

Michael Duong The Nature of Russian Thought and Culture.  Mentor: Randy Kidd 

Donia Galarowicz Translanguaging is Not Codeswitching.  Mentor: David Beard 

Halle Gordon, Jane Ann Conley, Matthew Kelbaugh The Kurds of Turkey: A Tale of Survival, Resilience, and Uncertainty.  Mentor: Renée Lambert-Bretiere 

Matthew Kelbaugh Visionary or Megalomaniac? The Legacy Of Vladimir Lenin In Contemporary Education.  Mentor: Vira Zhdanovych 

James Lefkowitz  Building a Database for Foreign Pronunciations of German.  Mentor: David Beard 

Harini Narayan  A Picture Paints a Thousand Words: Examining Linkages Between North Korean Propaganda and U.S.-Bilateral Relations. Mentor: Kyung-Eun Yoon 

Kevin Nguyen  An Analysis of Directive Speech Acts of Korean Women: Mother and Daughter-in-Law Interactions.  Mentor: Kyung-Eun Yoon 

Maila Raphael Analysis of the Role of Convents in Medieval German Society.  Mentor: Susanne Sutton

Matthew Snider The Role of Shared Language in Genetic Counseling.  Mentor: Ana Oskoz

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