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CAHSS Student Awards, MLLI

May 1, 2017 11:58 AM

The academic achievements of the following MLLI seniors were recognized at a recent CAHSS Student Award ceremony:

Overall Academic Achievement: Hailey Jowanowitch and Jessica Willis

Hailey Jowanowitch is an excellent student in her MLLI/Language and Cultural Studies major with a specialization in Korean and Linguistics minor. She has done outstanding work in all her courses and many cultural activities. She is currently completing a departmental honors thesis on Korean speakers' psycholinguistic perceptions of word bounaries. 

Jessica Willis has completed with distinction the requirements of the Applied Linguistics program (in which she has maintained a 4.0 GPA), with a minor in French.  She is currently finishing a departmental honors thesis on pragmatic implicatures in emotionally abusive language, and is also earning a Peace Corps preparatory certificate through the Global Studies department. Among her extracurricular activities, Jessica has backpacked through northern India with a Canadian non-profit, Operation Groundswell, which teaches backpackers how to support communities abroad without causing unintentional harm or imposing western values. After graduation, Jessica plans to apply for a Fulbright and/or the Peace Corps before returning to attend graduate school. Her long-term goal is to go into language preservation/documentation.

Angela Moorjani Award for Excellence in Language Skills:  Benjamin Ferrone and Michelle Stafford

Benjamin Ferrone is completing the Language and Culture Studies major with a focus on Chinese. He has continually displayed outstanding Chinese language skills in all of his Chinese language courses (he is also completing a minor in Japanese), and he will be starting the Master's Degree Program in TESOL at Loyola University in Fall 2017.

Michelle Stafford is an outstanding language student with a double major in MLLI/Spanish and Biology. She has shown extraordinary dedication to the study of the Spanish language and texts in Spanish. Her readings of literature and viewings of cinema are consistently insightful and  well contextualized. Michelle’s dedication to perfecting her oral and written language skills are commendable; she has achieved a very high degree of proficiency in Spanish.

Palomares service and excellence: Kirsten Clark 

Kirsten Clark is an MLLI/Spanish major with a minor in Sociology; she is also in the Honors College. Kirsten looks at the study of Spanish from multiple perspectives: she cares about her mastery of the language but also about the multiplicity of Spanish speaking cultures, and the ways in which she can understand them better and share that knowledge with others. Her work with Latino immigrants (especially youth) at the Esperanza Center in Baltimore reflects her commitment to the community. Kirsten is a Fulbright finalist and hopes to further her cultural and language skills in Colombia in the coming year. 

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