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À la recherche d’un signe perdu

A new monograph by Dr. Renée Lambert-Brétière

September 5, 2018 8:09 PM
À la recherche d’un signe perdu: Jean-Baptiste de La Brosse, S.J., Éléments de la langue montagnaise (1768) (312 pages) presents the first edition of the Latin grammar of the Innu (Montagnais) language produced in 1768 by the Jesuit Jean-Baptiste de La Brosse. The Latin text, edited and translated into French by Jean-François Cottier, is completed by a rich apparatus of linguistic annotations on the Innu language. These notes, of which Renée Lambert-Brétière is the author, put the grammatical description of La Brosse into current typological perspective about ancient and contemporary Innu, while the introduction (co-authored) places the work of the Jesuit in the context of missionary linguistics in New France. As a unique account of this nomadic language in the mid-eighteenth century, this book concerns both specialists of Algonquian linguistics and those who are interested in Latin and the history of New France.
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