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Korean Area


We currently offer a minor in Korean studies.  In addition, Korean may be used as the second language in the MLLI Two-Language Option.  Upper-level Korean courses may also be used for the Language & Culture option.

Minor in Korean Language and Culture (18 credits)

•  3 credits: one MLL core course (MLL 190, 191, 230, 301)
•  6 credits: two upper level Korean language courses:

•  KORE 301
•  KORE 302
•  KORE 309

•   9 credits in KORE or MLL electives:

•  KORE 309
•  KORE 310
•  MLL 311
•  MLL 315
•  An MLL topics course (or course in another discipline) relevant to Korean language and culture, with the approval of the MLLI department


For further information about the MLLI Korean program, please contact Korean area coordinator Dr. Kyung-Eun Yoon