Dear MLLI student,

Please find below a few scholarships that might be of your interest.

S. Knapple Scholarship
The purpose of the S. Knapple Scholarship Fund is to support annually a Scholarship or Fellowship for undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a concentration in the study of the German Language.

The Knapple scholarships are awarded every year on a competitive basis and can range from between $300 to $5000. These scholarships have helped students in a variety of ways to pursue their German studies.

The call for applications from German majors and minors usually goes out in the fall semester and is awarded in late fall or early spring. Applicants:

  • must be declared German majors or minors,
  • submit a copy of their transcript,
  • submit an application letter in English (GERM 101 through 201) or German (GERM 202 and above),
  • include one letter of recommendation

Submit your documents as a single pdf file to Susanne Sutton at

Read what our German majors say.

Naseem Ahmadi (German/Biological Sciences Major, UMBC ’20) states that “receiving the scholarship was a huge help in funding my time at UMBC. I was able to lighten up my work schedule and really focus on my studies for a semester- and it paid off!”

Elizabeth Pastwa (POLI/MLL Major, UMBC ’21) was able to fulfill her dream of studying abroad in Berlin. “I was going back and forth between two programs, ultimately the scholarship was the deciding factor in being able to do the program I really wanted to do.”


The scholarship enabled others to pursue a second degree.

Mary Farrell (Global Studies/MLLI-German and Russian, UMBC ’18) describes how being a scholarship recipient “enabled me to take winter semester courses during my senior year at UMBC, which helped me to graduate with a second degree.”


Plogman Scholarship
The purpose of this Plogman Scholarship is to provide funds to support scholarships for students majoring in Modem Language, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


  • must be declared MLLI majors,
  • submit a copy of their transcript,
  • submit an application letter in English or in the target language (202 and above),
  • include one letter of recommendation.

For more information on the Knapple and the Plogman scholarships please email Professor Sutton at


Other available scholarships at UMBC

The Betty L., Harold T. and William G. Sinnigen Scholarship
This is a merit-based scholarship for students of Latino or Hispanic ancestry or students who have demonstrated a commitment to the advancement of minorities, especially of Latino or Hispanic descent. The scholarship is open to incoming freshmen, transfer students, and UMBC students at all grade levels. The scholarship is open to students who are not eligible to complete a FAFSA. Preference will be given to students majoring or minoring in modern languages and linguistics and intercultural communications (MLLI) and Spanish, and to those from Baltimore City. The scholarship is renewable as long as the student remains in good academic standing.


The Esperanza Scholarship
The Esperanza Scholarship was established in 2007 by five Latino members of the Chapter of Black and Latino Alumni steering committee. The founding alumni, building on the sense of unity and support among the still thriving student organizations on campus, set out to create a permanent fund to both assist and inspire UMBC undergraduate and graduate students of Latino or Hispanic ancestry, as well as other students committed to the advancement of Latino, Hispanic, and other racial/ethnic minority populations. In addition to other requirements, scholarship candidates must demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of minorities, especially of Latino or Hispanic descent, by reflecting a pattern of service to the community, extracurricular activities, or other community involvement.