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About every two years, the French area sponsors a series of cultural events focusing on one area of the world in which French plays a significant role. The Espaces series usually includes two courses taught in French, a film course taught in English, lectures by distinguished visiting speakers, concerts, debates, and other events. Open to the entire community, Espaces offers UMBC French students a chance to deepen their understanding of the French language, cultural dynamics, and world affairs.


Espaces archive:
Afrique Centrale/Central Africa (2017-2018)
Belgium (2011-2012)
The Maghreb (2009-2010)
French in the United States of America (2008-2009)
Occitania (2004-2005)
The Levant: Lebanon, Syria, Egypt (2002-2003) (pdf file)
The French Caribbean (2000-2001) (pdf file)
Canada and Quebec (1998–1999) (pdf file)
West Africa (1995-96) (pdf file)