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MLLI Contacts

The MLLI office is located on the fourth floor of Fine Arts, room 463.
Mailing Address:
Department of Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
Phone:  410-455-2109
Fax:  410-455-1025
To contact a faculty member, visit our faculty page.


MLLI Department Administrative Structure

Chair                                                                                                Ana Oskoz

Associate Chair                                                                              Steven Young

Administrative Assistant II (payroll, travel, contracts, etc.)       Shakeara Lynch

Admin. Asst. II (office assignments, SA, etc.)                             Carolyn Good

Admin. Asst. II (P/T) (ILE, INCC, advisee lists, etc.)                   Fontella Bateman

Undergraduate Program Director                                               Erin Hogan                                           

Graduate Program Director                                                        Irina Golubeva

Intercultural Living Exchange Director                                      Elisabeth Arévalo-Guerrero

Honors Program Director                                                           Renée Lambert-Brétière

Coordinator for Spanish                                                              Ana María Schwartz Caballero

       Coordinators for Spanish language teaching                    Milvia Hernandez 

                                                                                                      Maria Manni

Coordinator for French                                                               Omar Ka 

       Coordinator for French language teaching                       Landry Digeon

Coordinator for German                                                             Susanne Sutton

Coordinator for Russian                                                             Steven Young

Coordinator for Chinese                                                             Bill Brown

Coordinator for Chinese Language Teaching                          Christopher K. Tong

Coordinator for Korean                                                              Kyung-Eun Yoon

Coordinator for Japanese                                                          Tomoko Hoogenboom

Coordinator for Arabic                                                               Samir El-Omari

Coordinator for Wolof                                                                Omar Ka

Coordinator for Linguistics                                                       Steven Young

Coordinator for Intercultural Communication Certificate      Sara Poggio

UMBC Salamanca Program Director                                        Ana María Schwartz Caballero

UMBC Study Abroad Program in Morocco                              Samir El Omari

UMBC Study Abroad Program in Colombia                             Milvia Hernandez

UMBC Study Abroad Program in Quebec                                Renée Lambert-Brétière

Coordinator for Internships & Career Placement                    Sara Poggio

Library Liaison                                                                            Zakaria Fatih