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Chinese Area


We currently offer a Minor and a Certificate in Chinese Studies.  Upper-level Chinese courses may be used as the secondary language to complete the Two-Language major option, or in conjunction with the Language and Cultural Studies option.

Minor in Chinese Language and Culture (18 credits)

•  3 credits: one MLL core course: MLL/LING/ENGL 190, MLL/LING/ENGL 191, MLL/LING 230, MLL 301 (Note: All core courses must be taken at UMBC)
•  6 credits: CHIN 301, CHIN 302
•  9 credits of CHIN or MLL (CHIN) electives:

•  CHIN 309
•  CHIN 319
•  CHIN 300
•  MLL 300
•  MLL 328
•  MLL 329
•  MLL 334


Students may petition the MLLI department to have relevant courses from other disciplines be counted for the minor in Chinese Language and Culture.

Certificate in Chinese Studies 
(17 credits)

•  CHIN 201
•  CHIN 202
•  CHIN 301

Certificate electives (choose two):

•  MLL 220
•  MLL 300

•  MLL 328
•  MLL 329
•  MLL 334

•  Any CHIN courses above 301

Note: All courses in fulfillment of the Certificate in Language Studies must be completed with a grade of “B” or higher.

For further information about the MLLI Chinese program, please contact Chinese area coordinator Dr. William Brown.