Hindi Area & Courses

Hindi is currently offered through the 202 level, and may be used to complete the GEP language 201 requirement.
Check the undergraduate catalog and the online schedule of classes for further details. 

HIND 101: Elementary Hindi I
An introduction to Hindi language and culture through a communicative approach. Language is learned in a thematic context based on real-life situations. Students will be introduced to the Deva-Nagari alphabet in its
original form. Grammatical aspects of the language and commonly used phrases in communicative situations will be taught. Aspects of everyday life, work and leisure activities will also be introduced.

HIND 102: Elementary Hindi II
This course is the continuation of HIND 101. The course focuses on the more advanced grammatical concepts of the language. Emphasis is on intensive vocabulary building and the development of more complex speaking and writing skills within the context of real-life situations. Food, costumes, customs and traditions of India will also be introduced through Hindi songs and movies.

HIND 201: Intermediate Hindi I
A continuation of HIND 102. The course will include a survey of more advanced grammar; emphasis will be on developing listening comprehension and on increasing conversational fluency in the language. Various aspects of Indian culture, necessary for language competency, are introduced through Indian geography, folktales, short stories and various other genres of literature, including poetry.

HIND 202: Intermediate Hindi II
A continuation of HIND 201. Further development of speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, with greater focus on syntax, morphology and grammar. Students will be involved in meaningful, functional communication through interactive activities that might be encountered in real life situations. Conversational teaching materials are supplemented by popular songs and video clips from Bollywood. The course will include a variety of reading and writing activities taken from materials representative of cultural topics.