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Japanese: Minor Program

Minor in Japanese Language and Culture (18 credits)

• 3 credits: one MLL core course:

• one MLL core course: MLL/LING/ENGL 190, MLL/LING/ENGL 191, MLL/LING 230, MLL 301 (Note: All core courses must be taken at UMBC)

• 6 credits: two upper level Japanese language courses:

JPNS 301   Advanced Japanese I [Fall]
JPNS 302   Advanced Japanese II [Spring]

• 9 credits in JPNS or MLL electives (3 credits must be JPNS):

JPNS 309     Business Japanese [Fall]
JPNS 319     Japanese Translation [Spring]
MLL 317       Images of Society in Modern Japanese Films [Fall]
MLL 327       Modern Japanese Culture [Spring]
MLL 333       Japanese Food Culture [Spring]

• An MLL topics course (or course in another discipline) relevant to Japanese language and culture, with the approval of the MLLI department.

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