ARÉVALO-GUERRERO, ELISABETH, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer eliarev1@umbc.edu  Spanish language, Intercultural Communication

BARAHOUIE, HANIYEH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor hbrh@umbc.edu Francophone Bande dessinée, 20th- & 21st- century French Literature and Culture, Middle Eastern Studies, Transnationalism and Cross-cultural Exchange, Digital Humanities.

BEARD, DAVID, Ph.D., Assistant Professor beard@umbc.edu Second language acquisition and bilingualism, Spanish linguistics, psycholinguistics

BROWN, WILLIAM, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer wbrown@umbc.edu Chinese language, literature and culture

CARMODY, SEAN, M.A., Lecturer carm3@umbc.edu Spanish language

CARPIO RIOS, MELODYYE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Spanish language

EL OMARI, SAMIR, Ph.D., Principal Lecturer, Arabic & French samir1@umbc.edu, Arabic Language and Culture coordinator, computer-assisted language learning, language teaching, and curriculum development, cross-cultural competency in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

FATIH, ZAKARIA, Ph.D., Professor mogador@umbc.edu Francophone studies, Maghreb studies, Enlightenment, Critical Theory

GOLUBEVA, IRINA, Ph.D., Professor golubeva@umbc.edu Intercultural communication, multilingualism, citizenship education, internationalization of higher education, developing intercultural competence for future career and for study abroad

GRENOUILLEAU-LOESCHER, Rebecca, Ph.D., Lecturer rgrenouilleau-loescher@umbc.edu French language, 20th and 21st century French and Francophone literature and culture, Caribbean studies, women’s health and the medical humanities

HERNÁNDEZ, MILVIA, M.A., Senior Lecturer hemilv1@umbc.edu Spanish language 

HOGAN, ERIN K., Ph.D., Associate Professor ekhogan@umbc.edu Peninsular literature, Cinemas of Spain and Latin America, Cultural studies of contemporary Spain

HOOGENBOOM, TOMOKO, Ph.D., Principal Lecturer  tmkhgnbm@umbc.edu Japanese language and culture

JANG, GYEWON, M.A., Visiting Lecturer gjang1@umbc.edu Korean language and culture

KA, OMAR, Ph.D., Professor ka@umbc.edu Sociolinguistics, phonology, African linguistics, French language, Wolof language

LAMBERT-BRÉTIÈRE, RENÉE, Ph.D., Associate Professor rlambert@umbc.edu Morphosyntax, typology, language description and documentation, Fon (Benin), Kwoma (Papua New Guinea), Innu (Canada), Caribbean Creoles

LIZARAZO, TANIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor lizarazo@umbc.edu  Latin American cultural studies, performance studies, digital storytelling, transnational feminisms, memory studies

MANNI, MARIA, M.S., Principal Lecturer mariamanni@umbc.edu Spanish language

MUÑOZ DAVASLIOGLU, THANIA, Ph.D. Associate Professor munozt@umbc.edu  Latin American literature and culture: 20th and 21st;Latinx Literature; Spanish language literature in the U.S.; border and memory studies; poetry + translation

OSKOZ, ANA, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Professor aoskoz@umbc.edu Technology in the foreign language classroom, second language acquisition, language teaching and curriculum development

POGGIO, SARA Z., Ph.D., Associate Professor poggio@umbc.edu Sociology, Latin American societies, Hispanics in the United States

SHORKEY, CATALINA, M.A., Lecturer catalina@umbc.edu Spanish language

STOLLE-MCALLISTER, JOHN, Ph.D., Professor stollem@umbc.edu Cultural studies, social movements, Latin American popular culture

SUTTON, SUSANNE, M.A., Principal Lecturer, ssusanne@umbc.edu, German language

TONG, CHRISTOPHER K., Ph.D. Associate Professor ckt@umbc.edu Comparative literature, environmental humanities, critical theory, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

YOON, KYUNG-EUN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor kyoon@umbc.edu Korean language and culture

YOUNG, STEVEN, Ph.D., Associate Professor young@umbc.edu  Russian language, general linguistics, Baltic and Slavic linguistics, historical phonology

ZHDANOVYCH, VIRA, M.F.A., Lecturer vira@umbc.edu Russian language