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ARÉVALO-GUERRERO, ELISABETH, Ph.D., Lecturer Spanish language, Intercultural Communication

BARAHOUIE, HANIYEH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Francophone Bande dessinée, 20th- & 21st- century French Literature and Culture, Middle Eastern Studies, Transnationalism and Cross-cultural Exchange, Digital Humanities.

BAZGAN NICOLETA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Film and media studies, French film studies, French 20th- and 21st-century French literature and culture, political economy of culture

BEARD, DAVID, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Second language acquisition and bilingualism, Spanish linguistics, psycholinguistics

BROWN, WILLIAM, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Chinese language, literature and culture

CARMODY, SEAN, M.A., Lecturer Spanish language

De VERNEIL, MARIE, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer French language, instructional systems development

EL OMARI, SAMIR, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Arabic language

FATIH, ZAKARIA, Ph.D., Professor Francophone studies, Maghreb studies, Enlightenment, Critical Theory

GOLUBEVA, IRINA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Intercultural communication, multilingualism, citizenship education, internationalization of higher education, developing intercultural competence for future career and for study abroad

HERNÁNDEZ, MILVIA, M.A., Senior Lecturer Spanish language 

HOGAN, ERIN K., Ph.D., Associate Professor Peninsular literature, Cinemas of Spain and Latin America, Cultural studies of contemporary Spain

HOOGENBOOM, TOMOKO, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Japanese language and culture

KA, OMAR, Ph.D., Associate Professor Sociolinguistics, phonology, African linguistics, French language, Wolof language

KRIPPES, YEON, M.A., Adjunct II Instructor Korean language

LAMBERT-BRÉTIÈRE, RENÉE, Ph.D., Associate Professor Morphosyntax, typology, language description and documentation, Fon (Benin), Kwoma (Papua New Guinea), Innu (Canada), Caribbean Creoles

LARKEY, EDWARD, Ph.D., Professor German media history; global television formats and national identity; theories and history of intercultural communication, globalization, and interculturality

LIZARAZO, TANIA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor  Latin American cultural studies, performance studies, digital storytelling, transnational feminisms, memory studies

MANNI, MARIA, M.S., Senior Lecturer Spanish language

MUÑOZ DAVASLIOGLU, THANIA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor  Latin American literature and culture: 20th and 21st; Latinx Literature; Spanish language literature in the U.S.; border and memory studies; autofictional writing

OSKOZ, ANA, Ph.D., Professor Technology in the foreign language classroom, second language acquisition, language teaching and curriculum development

POGGIO, SARA Z., Ph.D., Associate Professor Sociology, Latin American societies, Hispanics in the United States

SCHWARTZ CABALLERO, ANA MARÍA, Ph.D., Associate Professor Language teaching and curriculum development, learning strategies, media, heritage Spanish speakers

STOLLE-MCALLISTER, JOHN, Ph.D., Associate Professor Cultural studies, social movements, Latin American popular culture

SUTTON, SUSANNE, M.A., Senior Lecturer,, German language

TONG, CHRISTOPHER K., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Comparative literature, environmental humanities, critical theory, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

WOLFF, XENIA, Ph.D., Adjunct II Instructor German language

YOON, KYUNG-EUN, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Korean language and culture

YOUNG, STEVEN, Ph.D., Associate Professor  Russian language, general linguistics, Baltic and Slavic linguistics, historical phonology

ZHDANOVYCH, VIRA, M.F.A., Lecturer Russian language