L201 Proficiency and High School Language Levels; AP Placement

High School Language Levels

The language requirement consists of completion of a foreign language through the 201 level or demonstrated proficiency at that level. Proficiency, the number of courses needed to complete the requirement, and course placement, are determined by previous experience as follows:

  • completion of level 4 or higher of a language in high school (see table below) OR
  • corresponding AP, IB or CLEP credit (see Appendix II, Undergraduate Catalog), OR
  • completion of a language through the 201 level at a regionally accredited college/university

high school language levels

Students may not enroll in language courses below their appropriate placement level without authorization from the Department of Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication (MLLI). Students who are heritage speakers of a language other than English or students who have had education abroad in a language other than English should consult the coordinator of the particular language area about the appropriate language level. For students who have completed level 3 of a language in high school, but who feel unprepared for the 201 course, a 103 review course is available in French and Spanish. Students who have had a three- year hiatus in language study can drop one level from their appropriate placement level.

International students who have had middle-school education in their native language can apply for L201 equivalency. Click here for more information.

Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations

For more information, go to http://catalog.umbc.edu/content.php?catoid=15&navoid=768.