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Japanese Area


We currently offer a minor in Japanese.  Upper-level Japanese courses may be used as the secondary language to complete the Two-Language major option, or in conjunction with the Language and Cultural Studies option. We do not currently offer a one-language major track or certificate program in Japanese. 
Minor in Japanese Language and Culture (18 credits)

•  3 credits: one MLL core course (MLL 190, 191, 230, 301; note: MLL 230 and 301 must be taken at UMBC)
•  6 credits: two upper level Japanese language courses:

•  JPNS 301
•  JPNS 302

•   9 credits in JPNS or MLL electives (3 credits must be JPNS):

•  JPNS 309
•  JPNS 319
•  MLL 317
•  MLL 327
•  MLL 333

•  An MLL topics course (or course in another discipline) relevant to Japanese language and culture, with the approval of the MLLI department

Major in Language and Cultural Studies – Japanese track (39 credits)

•  12 credits of core courses: MLL 190, 191, 230, 301 (Note: MLL 230 and 301 must be taken at UMBC)
12 credits upper-level courses in Japanese (JPNS 301, 302, 309, 319)
•  15 elective credits, nine of which must be at the 300 or 400 level, in MLL, LING and/or modern language courses as part of a major program designed in consultation with a departmental advisor. Up to two appropriate courses from other disciplines may be applied to the major with written approval of the student’s advisor.

Links for Japanese writing paper:
Beginner Writing Paper
Intermediate Writing Paper
Advanced Writing Paper
Furigana Writing Paper

For further information about the MLLI Japanese program, please contact Japanese area coordinator 
Dr. Tomoko Hoogenboom.