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We currently offer the following degrees;


Students can select either Language and Cultural Studies concentration (Japanese track) or a Two-Language concentration, with French, German, Russian and Spanish as the primary language and Japanese as the secondary language.

Language and Cultural Studies concentration on Japanese
Two-Language concentration  Upper-level Japanese courses may be also used as the secondary language to complete


Students are encouraged to consider a minor in Japanese with a major in various fields including Asian Studies, History, Visual Arts, Computer Science, Informational Technology and others. An additional Japanese minor allows students to learn the skill sets of communicating on a global scale.

Minor in Japanese Language and Culture


Students can receive a certificate in Japanese Studies focusing on Japanese language and culture courses.

Certificate in Japanese Studies
What’s special about Japanese at UMBC?

The Japanese program at UMBC helps students learn how to:

  • apply their education to real world situations
  • adapt new culturally appropriate behaviors
  • become lifelong learners

In the introductory level Japanese courses, students learn how grammar and sentence structure vary in specific situations. Students continue this education into upper level courses and learn how to apply their Japanese skills to real world situations. Exposing students to real world situations, enable students to become more comfortable using the Japanese language as a tool for further their cultural understanding and to effectively communicate with others in Japanese. The Japanese program at UMBC emphasizes the importance of not only the basic four language skill sets: listening, reading, speaking, and writing, but also emphasizes the critical use of culturally appropriate behaviors in real world situations.

Our program also offers an internship opportunity to the students of Japanese helping Japanese high school students learn English at school in Kanagawa, Japan through the Maryland-Kanagawa Sister States program.



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Language and Cultural Studies concentration on Japanese
Two-Language concentration 
Minor in Japanese Language and Culture
Certificate in Japanese Studies
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For further information about the MLLI Japanese program, please contact Japanese area coordinator 
Dr. Tomoko Hoogenboom.