Japanese FAQ and Resources

1. I have studied Japanese previously or I took Japanese AP test. How do I know which level to register?

Email the area coordinator to schedule for a placement test. UMBC has guidelines that determine what level a student should register for. It is vital for students to be placed in an appropriate level in order to effectively further develop their language skills.

2. Can I take JPNS302 and JPNS319 in the same semester?

Yes. JPNS319 has a prerequisite of JPNS301. Enrollment in the two courses in one semester can only be done after the completion of JPNS301.

3. What textbooks do you use?

We use ‘An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese, Genki Volume 1’ for the first year and Volume 2 for the second year. Students for the third year and fourth year use articles, texts, and other materials written in Japanese with additional handouts.

4. What is a course format?

Our courses are all flipped, i.e., in the introductory level, you watch grammar video and take a quick quiz before coming to class. In class, you practice how the new grammar patterns are used in conversation. In the upper level courses, you read materials and answer the questions on handouts before coming to class. In class, you discuss the topic in small groups and whole class.

5. How do I declare a major/minor in Japanese?

Visit the MLLI Main Office (Fine Arts #463) or contact our administrative staff member to fill out the appropriate forms.

Students should also communicate with the MLLI advisor to ensure that all the required course work is taken in a timely manner before graduation.

Studying Japanese in summer
6. I would like to study Japanese during summer. Do you offer courses in summer?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer language courses in summer. However, you can refer to the link below:

Summer Japanese Programs
Internship in Japan
7. I heard about internship opportunity in Japan for UMBC students.

Because State of Maryland and Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan have a Sister-States relationship, UMBC students are eligible to do internship to assist Japanese students learning English at Kanagawa private junior/senior high schools. The students who are going to Kanagawa have to enroll in ‘MLL 430-03 Internship in Modern Languages and Linguistics’ for the away semester.

Japanese Internship and Study Abroad


Links for Japanese study:
Japan Times: Genki Online – Self-study Room
NHK: News Web Easy
Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Web Japan
Japan Foundation: エリンが挑戦, Free Japanese Learning Website


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