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BAZGAN NICOLETA, Ph.D., Assistant Professor nbazgan@umbc.edu Film and media studies, French film studies, French 20th- and 21st-century French literature and culture, political economy of culture

BROWN, WILLIAM, Ph.D., Lecturer wbrown@umbc.edu Chinese language, literature and culture

De VERNEIL, MARIE, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer devernei@umbc.edu French language, instructional systems development

EL OMARI, SAMIR, M.A., Senior Lecturer samir1@umbc.edu Arabic language

FATIH, ZAKARIA, Ph.D., Associate Professor mogador@umbc.edu Francophone studies, Maghreb studies, Enlightenment, Critical Theory

FIELD, THOMAS T., Ph.D., Professor tfield@umbc.edu Sociolinguistics, literacy, language maintenance, French and Occitan

HERNÁNDEZ, MILVIA, M.A., Lecturer hemilv1@umbc.edu Spanish language 

HOGAN, ERIN K., Ph.D., Assistant Professor ekhogan@umbc.edu Peninsular literature, Cinemas of Spain and Latin America, Cultural studies of contemporary Spain

HOOGENBOOM, TOMOKO, Ph.D., tmkhgnbm@umbc.edu Japanese language and culture

KA, OMAR, Ph.D., Associate Professor ka@umbc.edu Sociolinguistics, phonology, African linguistics, French language, Wolof language

LARKEY, EDWARD, Ph.D., Professor larkey@umbc.edu German media history; global television formats and national identity; theories and history of intercultural communication, globalization, and interculturality

MANNI, MARIA, M.S., Lecturer mariamanni@umbc.edu Spanish language

MAY, BRIGITTE, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer may@umbc.edu German language, literature and culture

MEDINA LÓPEZ-PORTILLO, ADRIANA, Ph.D., Associate Professor medina@umbc.edu Intercultural communication, intercultural training, Mexican cultural studies

OSKOZ, ANA, Ph.D., Associate Professor aoskoz@umbc.edu Technology in the foreign language classroom, second language acquisition, language teaching and curriculum development

POGGIO, SARA Z., Ph.D., Associate Professor poggio@umbc.edu Sociology, Latin American societies, Hispanics in the United States

PROVENCHER, DENIS M., Ph.D., Associate Professor provench@umbc.edu French civilization and cultural studies; language, gender and sexuality; conversation and discourse analysis; intercultural communication

RUSINKO, ELAINE, Ph.D., Associate Professor rusinko@umbc.edu Russian language, literature, culture and society, Carpatho-Rusyn studies

SCHNEIDER, JUDITH M. Ph.D., Associate Professor schneide@umbc.edu Modern French and literature, Latin American/U.S. Latino literature, Jewish literature and the diaspora

SCHWARTZ CABALLERO, ANA MARÍA, Ph.D., Associate Professor aschwart@umbc.edu Language teaching and curriculum development, learning strategies, media, heritage Spanish speakers

SHIELDS, ANNA, Ph.D., Associate Professor ashields@umbc.edu Medieval Chinese literature and literary history, genre studies, sociology of literature, and classical Chinese language

SINNIGEN, JOHN H., Ph.D., Professor sinnigen@umbc.edu Modern Spanish and Latin American fiction, ideologies and literature, Mexico

STOLLE-MCALLISTER, JOHN, Ph.D., Associate Professor stollem@umbc.edu Cultural studies, social movements, Latin American popular culture

SUTTON, SUSANNE, M.A., Senior Lecturer, ssusanne@umbc.edu, German language

WESTPHAL, GERMÁN, Ph.D., Associate Professor westphal@umbc.edu Generative syntax, Spanish language

WOLFF, XENIA, Ph.D., Adjunct II Instructor xwolff@umbc.edu German language

YOON, KYUNG-EUN, Ph.D., Lecturer kyoon@umbc.edu Korean language

YOUNG, STEVEN, Ph.D., Associate Professor young@umbc.edu  Russian language, Baltic and Slavic linguistics, historical phonology

ZHDANOVYCH, VIRA, M.F.A., Adjunct II Instructor vira@umbc.edu Russian language