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Admissions and Applications


Program Admissions:

General admission requirements are those of the Graduate School. These consist of a bachelor’s degree with at least a “B” average, three letters of recommendation, and satisfactory scores on the aptitude tests of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). All original application documents must be sent directly to the Graduate School, rather than to the graduate program, and the deadline for application is January 31. Please note that we only accept applications once a year for fall admission into the INCC MA Program. International students also must submit satisfactory scores on the TOEFL examination. In addition, applicants for the M.A. in Intercultural Communication should have a working knowledge of the language of their specialty (English, French, German or Spanish), such that they can carry out graduate studies and write extensive papers in it. At least one letter of recommendation should attest to that knowledge. Applicants also should have some grounding in a complementary field (e.g., African-American studies, American studies, anthropology, cultural studies, education, ethnomusicology, health sciences, history, linguistics, literary studies, media and communication studies, psychology, political science, social work, sociology). See also our Frequent Asked Questions section.

Application Forms:

Accelerated B.A./M.A. Program and M.A. Program