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MLLI Movie: The Night My Mother Killed My Father (Spain'16)

with English subtitles

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Sherman Hall : 151
“Taking its cues from Billy Wilder and Agatha Christie in about equal measure, this engaging and lively item about an unhinged evening in the lives of a group of movie people is very clear about its aims and limitations, and then exploits them with breathless efficiency.[…] Just turned 40, Isabel (Belen Rueda) sees that her dreams of acting success are fading fast. She has come together at her country home with her grumpy scriptwriter boyfriend Ángel (Eduard Fernandez) and heavy-drinking producer Susana (Maria Pujalte) to try and set up a Spanish/Argentinian co-production with Diego (the popular Argentinian comic Diego Peretti, playing himself). Angel is refusing to write Isabel into the new project as she so desperately wants. Late, unexpected arrivals for the evening are Isabel’s ex Carlos (Fele Martinez) and his irritatingly kooky girlfriend Alex (Patricia Montero, the only relative newcomer in a heavyweight cast of seasoned pros). Slightly unhinged from the start, Isabel goes over the edge after a brief kitchen exchange with Carlos in which he hands her some documents. Susan looks on as there is a bit of showy business involving the dessert, and soon enough Carlos is writhing on the floor in agony, finally messily and bloodily pegging out in the bathroom. As a writer of thrillers, Ángel is quick to leap to the conclusion that Isabel has rat-poisoned him.” (Holland The Hollywood Reporter)
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