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Repost: Dr. Estefanía Simich Muñoz - May 1st - 11- 11:50 am

Immigrant Appreciation Day Event: Opening Keynote Speaker

"Sexual Citizenship in Migrant Latin American Communities"
Library and Gallery, Albin O. Kuhn. 

Join us for our opening keynote speaker event for Immigrant Appreciation Day. 

Flyer Attached. Light refreshments will be served. 


In 2021 a narrative-based study was conducted to identify the conceptualization of sexual citizenship among migrant Peruvian women residing in the U.S. Sexual citizenship is described as the access to sexual rights, the expression of sexual desire, the autonomy over one’s sexual identity and the intersection with the state (Richardson, 2015), and to what extent this individual is treated as a citizen who has rights within that system. The main question addressed in this study was: How do migration experiences of Peruvian women to the United States discursively position their sexual citizenship differently across their journey?
This question was explored through experiences before migration, during migration journey, adaptation to a new environment, and settlement in the United States. Based on this research the construction of Peruvian women’s sexual citizenship was influenced by Peru’s national conditions and the introduction of neoliberalism which further exacerbated the unsafety of the social environment for women. Furthermore, similar examples of national conditions such as gender violence, the introduction of neoliberalism, and the push for necropolitics in other Latin American nations have influenced the way that women navigate their daily lives as well as how they experience their sexual citizenship as migrant women in the United States.

Posted: April 16, 2024, 5:14 PM