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  • Summer Session 2: Dark Comedy in Hispanic Cinema

    Culture GEP or Spanish certificate
    MLL213 Dark Comedy in Hispanic Cinema: Contemporary filmmakers within and beyond Spain have employed the dark comedy, satire, and the grotesque to critique the abuse of power, corruption,...
    Posted: January 25, 2019 6:40 AM
  • MLLI graduate Roberto Massillon opens Haitian restaurant

    MLLI graduate Roberto Massillon (B.A., 2008) recently opened a Haitian restaurant, Port-au-Prince Authentic Haitian Cuisine, in Silver Spring. The restaurant is in addition to Massillon’s career...
    Posted: November 29, 2018 6:50 PM
  • Fulbright Fellow Dr. Chris Tong, Nanjing University

    I was selected for a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Grant to conduct research in Nanjing, China, where I will be affiliated with Nanjing University during the academic year 2018-19.  Environmental...
    Posted: October 30, 2018 8:15 PM
  • Spanish Language Immersion in Colombia

    Study Abroad, Summer 2019
    Spanish Language Immersion in Colombia Study Abroad Program  Summer 2019   Interested in studying abroad next summer? Join Prof. Hernandez  in Colombia for improving your Spanish skills and...
    Posted: October 5, 2018 7:38 PM
  • À la recherche d’un signe perdu

    A new monograph by Dr. Renée Lambert-Brétière
    À la recherche d’un signe perdu: Jean-Baptiste de La Brosse, S.J., Éléments de la langue montagnaise (1768) (312 pages) presents the first edition of the Latin grammar of the Innu (Montagnais)...
    Posted: September 5, 2018 8:09 PM
  • New Fulbright Scholars–MLLI

    Morgan Chadderton and Jessica Willis
    Among UMBC's new Fulbright Scholars are MLLI majors Morgan Chadderton and Jessica Willis. Morgan Chadderton ’18, MLLI-Russian, will teach English in Kyrgyzstan while continuing to strengthen her...
    Posted: June 6, 2018 8:55 AM